Wednesday, November 9, 2011


"The district sleeps alone tonight."

There's a girl I know in the district who doesn't really sleep. Ever since I saw her, sleep has been different.

1. I've had weird dreams. And I can't shake them.

2. I grind my teeth when I sleep. I feel the jagged friction just before I wake up. It worries me.

3. Bon Iver. Of course, right? "Wash." was in my dreams last night. (Click that link. Listen to that shit.) It's a great song but one that I never really remember listening to in depth. It was in my dreams and consequently in my head this morning, and the song has deeply affected me since. Can't shake it.

4. (This is only tangentially related to sleep, via Bon Iver and "Wash." I listen to it and mix that feeling with a Great Divide beer and can't help but get sentimental. And it always ends up drivel.) I can't shake this feeling of letting people whom I love know I love them. Rye. Paige. Chuck. Leif. Dustin. Mom. Dad. District. Jake. JK. Baars. Juan Jr. S'matty. Nick. Mags. Clark. 1030. HiC. Tonk Bucs. All y'alls who'd better know I care.

5. (Sleep stretched to sentimentality, which stretched to this.) I had my best day teaching ever. The kids ended up being better writers at the end of 50 minutes than they were before. I planned the shit out of the lesson. No demerits. A handful of students got that I care about them by the end of the day. It's why I did this.

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